The big tomato

Our tomatoes have been the star of our summer garden. Of all the varieties we planted this year, the oxhearts have been outstanding. This afternoon we picked this wopper, weighing in at 485 grams or roughly 1 pound in the old money.


Dilly Dally

I was just outside harvesting some dill seeds. It may seem odd to leave the seedheads sitting in the paper bag outside for a while, but I am doing this for a reason. The stems of the dill had quite a few aphids on them, visible in the photo below. I really don’t want to encourage them or end up with ‘extra protein’ in my seeds.

Shortly after I hung the bag up I spotted a more welcome visitor. This lady bird (lady bug, or lady beetle), Hippodamia variegata (the Adonis lady bird), like many, is an aphid predator. I am more than happy to see them having a munch on the aphids.

This particular species has a fairly worldwide distribution. I was able to identify it via the CSIRO’s very helpful gallery of lady birds.

Op shop finds!

There is generally a dearth of op shops* open over the Christmas New Year period, so we were pleased to discover one of the larger Salvos* store open yesterday. There were a number of good finds. Two Semco sewing kits for a new art project. A brand new small saucepan perfect for boiling our two morning eggs

And a second cane washing basket, part of my ongoing quest to replace plastic household items with more earth-friendly options (yes, we are still persisting with the last plastic basket until it ‘dies’). Our clothes pegs are already predominantly wood.

*op shop = opportunity shop, thrift store

*Salvos = Salvation Army, a major player in the op-shop business in Australia.

Merry Christmas! 🎄

It is never Christmas for us without the annual photo of the Christmas Sheep. This year, for the very first time we saw Santa’s elves out decorating the sheep.

We also went on our own trip to be with family in Adelaide during the holidays. On Christmas Eve we joined hundreds of other families for Carols on the Oval, where, apart from singing carols and seeing real camels (without the three wise men), other miraculous sitings occurred.

So Merry Christmas to you all and our best wishes for the new year!


This year we have grown some raspberries! Yes, we are still surprised that we get any fruit as our canes are growing in a very large pot and even being next to the tap they don’t get sufficient water to produce a mass of fruit.

However this year Mother Nature has taken a hand by providing above average rainfall in November which has kicked along the fruit production. The November rainfall in our part of Canberra was double our monthly average!

We still only get a tiny amount of fruit compared to those whose plants are in the ground, but we plan to enjoy our harvest anyway.