Voted with our forks!

This evening I decided I’d better dig up the sorrel plant I’d promised my work colleague – I’ve decided that deep rooted perennial might just describe this plant. After lots of digging around and fruitless tugging I had to take out the Besser brick into which I’d stuck that tiny seedling just over a year ago. Then I got the spade to it and finally got it out! Thankfully it is going to the home of a person whose young child has miraculously been born with a taste for lemon and has taken to green soup with a vengeance. My favourite recipe for sorrel soup Margaret Costa’s Green Soup, which can be found in Jane Grigson’s _Vegetable Book_.

So what am I, a middle-aged Canberra public servant doing here? Re-living ‘The Good Life’ in person, along with the Beloved and the fur child (feline) – trying to get in shape and using the garden as one means of getting there.Well just over a two years ago, in winter and in the middle of our major drought we got serious about growing our own veg ….

As I’m more of your readily sidetracked thinker there will be lots of going back and forwards in these posts – so join us for the ride and we’ll see where we get to.

2 thoughts on “Voted with our forks!

  1. I am gardening in pots and tubs and boxes as I live in a townhouse with courtyards. But I can produce all my herbs, shallots and garlic. Now picking snowpeas and asparagus. My interest in gardening started on a much larger scale as I grew up on a farm with market gardens and vineyard as our income source. So I really did live the "Good Life" as a child. We even had Margo and Jerry next door!

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