Missing Photo

This is the missing Pot Roast Guinea Fowl photo.



3 thoughts on “Missing Photo

  1. Great to read about your efforts in the garden and the end results on the table. My philosophy is to try and grow those vegies and herbs that are more expensive to buy – snow peas, rocket, coriander, dill etc.However, we are now focussing on a more easily obtainable vegetable. We have just started to experiment with growing potatoes in a rubbish bin. They have started off well and a vigorous number of shoots have emerged. Do you have any thoughts on when the next layer of soil should go in – is it related to side shoots or room for an extra layer of potatoes?

  2. Hi sb we currently have our potatoes under straw on the ground but its the same principle as your approach. We let the leaves grow up about 10cm and then cover. You can cover with soil, compost or straw as long as the light is excluded and for as much depth as you can ultimately reach in your bin.BTW if you have a rough and undug piece of ground growing a crop of potatoes under straw on it is a great way of breaking the ground up ready for future beds.

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