Beans and Berries

It’s changing of the guard time in the area of bean production. Last night we combined the last of the Broad Beans and the first Borlotti Beans, along with our Komatsu (Japanese Spinach) and garlic in a quick stir fry to go with our home-made pork and fennel sausages. We also noticed that the Lazy Housewife and a second planting of Borlotti beans have started to produced pods, very tiny ones. The Edamame continue to grow well but I’m on alert because when I was watering yesterday I noticed that there were many small bugs, weevils I think, gathering on the pods – not an encouraging sign.
We have a bit of variety, but not much quantity on the berry front. I have both Lowanna and Nelly Kelly strawberries in production. The Lowanna always out-produce the Nelly Kellys, but the Nelly Kellys have a better flavour (to my taste buds at least). A friend gave me three raspberry plants a few months ago and much to our surprise they’ve produced fruit in their first season. Although, given that they were from a clump of existing canes there should be no reason why they wouldn’t produce. The berries are very tasty but are only appearing in small numbers so far.
We are growing three varieties of blueberries, early, middle and late fruiting types. So far the early variety Denise had an unanticipated setback when it accidently got mown over early in spring – it is recovering but won’t be producing fruit this year. The middle fruiting variety Blue Ray is producing fruit, not a lot, but it looks promising, if it survives summer, for future production. We really haven’t had sufficient fruit to decide on how tasty it is. The late fruit-er Brigitta has produced a few berries, but at this time appears somewhat less prolific than Blue Ray. I’ve given the plants some compost and mulched them this week. It looks like Denise may be suffering from sunburn so I may have to rig up some shade for it if I want it to survive January and February. Blue Ray and Brigitta are getting some shade from the nectarine tree and seem to have escaped frazzled leaves for the time being.

I also cooked up another Hugh F-W recipe (River Cottage Every Day) for Digestive biscuits – I think a quintessentially English contrivance of which I am very fond. I used the spelt flour again and had no problems with the recipe. I will say that I chose to use rolled oats rather than oat meal as suggested by the recipe. Next time I’ll either have to use oatmeal or will give the rolled oats a whizz in the blender as the rolled oats made using my biscuit cutters somewhat less than effective. Not that this is interfering with the taste!


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