And the corn is as high…

I know I bang on about how much my corn benefits from having a good feed of compost every few weeks. To prove to myself that I wasn’t just imagining this improvement I measured the height of some of our recently planted Golden Bantam sweet corn. On the day I mulched and composted the corn most of the group of 8 plants were between 20 and 30 cms high at the central point of the stem where the leaves emerge. Today, eight days later I have found that all these plants are now 50 to 60cms tall at the same point. I’m glad its not just my imagination or I would think I’d had just a bit too much Christmas cheer!

We ate our first apricots today. This seasons crop will be smaller than last years, but the fruit tastes great. We’ve had to net the tree as our local birds also share our high opinion of the fruit and had already started eating it where they could. The rain has certainly helped give a boost to all the plants in the garden so we’ll be harvesting quite a bit of veg over the coming weeks. Our Borlotti beans appear to be doing particularly well and all things being equal we expect a good harvest.

Our recycling bin collection was today so once the truck had been we transferred all the water captured in the buckets into it as a temporary storage measure. Even if we get rain later this week I’m sure we’ll have used our supply up in the bin before the next recycling collection day.


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