Happy New Year

Well we have moved into 2010. We followed our established tradition of skipping New Year’s Eve and getting stuck into a big relaxed brunch/picnic with our friends on New Year’s Day. This year sixteen of us made it to the shores of Lake Tuggeranong for a BBQ of bacon and eggs, hotcakes with maple syrup, TB’s justifiably famous baked beans, french toast (cooked by our Italian friend), pikelets and breakfast cheesecake (River Cottage Everyday). As you can see from the collected gear in the photo below we look more like an expeditionary force than a group of picnic-ers!

It certainly looked like kayaks were the big item Santa bought this year. Our picnic table was the perfect spot to see all manner of kayaks, including stubby ones, foot paddlers, single, double and inflatables launching off into the lake. A wide variety of paddling skill levels were also on display. All in all a great time was had by all and sundry and we plan to do the same again next year.



One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. It certainly was a great morning – terrific food, exceptional company and a superb setting! What more could be asked of the New Year?

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