Catch a Wave

Down to the beach today for the annual rock platform and ocean baths extravaganza, only to discover that there was no rock platform. It had disappeared under a metre or so of very rough surf and there were ???waves across both pools???. To think about the latter statement these are two pools that are 50 metres wide ??? yes wide and about 150 metres long. The waves were breaking across the blocks on the ocean-side which didn???t deter a solid contingent of nongs who insisted on being washed or jumping into the main pool or clung to the edge rail as the waves broke over them.

Even on the ???beach??? side of the main pool the waves were big enough to wash over the blocks and into the children???s pool and secondary waves even broke on the paved area next to the pavilion. A fairly safe option was exercised by two enterprising siblings who took it in turns to place their boogie board on the inner edge of the main pool and let the waves wash them across the three metre pavement into the children???s pool.


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