Due North

We are making the annual trek north to visit my family. Just under 500 kms and a world of difference. For one thing there is moisture, yea even wetness all around. Stopping at the Hawkesbury River for lunch I immediately noticed the humidity plus the fact that the ground was actually wet underfoot. I think the rest area is a location worthy of analysis by Alain de Boton – maybe he has already studied it. It is a weird combination of incredibly beautiful Sydney sandstone country bizarrely bisected by the F3 Freeway and it still manages, I think, to have some of the most dramatic views in the country.

And then there are the cicadas ??? at home we have the little ones, about 2cms max which as a child I called Tiddy Wheezers. They were a novelty only because all the other cicadas were so large and colourful. Getting out of the car at the Hawkesbury the sound of cicadas actually drowned out the sound of the traffic relentlessly powering up the F3 freeway. They are now once again, as they always were the sound of summer on the coast.

According to my family it has rained pretty steadily since Christmas ??? we even experienced a series of coastal thunderstorms the day after we arrived. You know there aren???t any water restrictions here! I really can???t quite get my head around that fact.

At least I could get my head around the family feast which was held the day after we arrived. My sister made this scrummy strawberry sponge finger pudding and don’t mention the major amount of mojitos that were downed on the day http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mojito.

Nowt so queer as folk!
You know you are not in Canberra anymore when you see that the local spot for selling used cars is out the front of the local cemetery. Of course it has absolute highway frontage and the nearby inhabitants don???t say much.


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