Find something special

Op shopping is always fun in a different town. We found four op shops on the main street in Cessnock and visited others in Hamilton and Maitland. I was looking for fabric for my dyeing of which I found plenty. I also found two shirts for myself, and a Melmac (Melamine) Ornamin 1950???s/60???s cup and saucer in corn yellow. Interestingly the cup has no handle. I found this article on melamine from Plastiquarian magazine (

However one of my best ???finds??? was actually made just outside my sister???s back door. It is a shell-shaped concrete pot which I presume belonged to my Aunt, now sadly ???late??? (you need to read the Number 1 Ladies Detectives Agency series). Apart from housing a spider it wasn???t in immediate use so I???ll take it home and plant a succulent in it.


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