Simple Saturday Pasta

While not everyone has a big veggie garden most of us, at this time of the year, will have plenty of tomatoes ripening. Here is a simple recipe for using up some of those less than perfect tomatoes, a Simple Saturday Pasta with tomato sauce. You can see from the photo that the ingredients are few and basic. All the produce I needed for this dish came from our garden. No amounts will be given, you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself, this version was for two people and it was a medium sized serve (about 140gms of spiral pasta)

Chop up your onions and garlic and soften in some olive oil, let it cook while you chop your basil and tomatoes (TB says my version could have used a LOT more basil – so feel free to bump the amount up). Add the tomato and basil to the saucepan and grind in pepper and salt to your taste. Now put your pasta water on and once it comes to the boil cook your pasta. By the time the pasta has cooked your sauce should be right to go.

Feel free to embellish this recipe by adding any other veggies or herbs that you have to hand. Buono appetito!

I’ve entered this recipe for Grow Your Own #39 competition, hosted by Annie and Nate at the House of Annie, and sponsored by Andreas Recipes. This is a regular event that recognises those who are blogging out there about growing, foraging or hunting and gathering their own food. Go for it, put in an entry, one per blog.


2 thoughts on “Simple Saturday Pasta

  1. It certainly tasted good. I couldn’t resist showing it off in my latest Op Shop find, a Danish shallow stoneware bowl. I haven’t checked out the maker’s mark, yet but will be looking for it shortly.

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