Bottled water

I’m trying to keep calm and take some deep breaths …. WOO HOO its raining! So far this weekend we’ve had over 100mms of rain and it is still coming.

And even I have had to admit that there is a limit to how much I can capture since our tank is full and over flowing. BTW that’s over 160 litres of water in those old milk cartons, not to mention what I’ve captured inside the sugarcane mulch bags set inside the styrofoam boxes, buckets and tubs. TB took advantage and spent half an hour throwing chook poo pellets over everything.

I’m thinking that there will be a big pulse of water going down the Murrumbidgee and into the Murray system and don’t the rivers and the land need it! It may not be a drought-breaker but it will surely set us up for a good Autumn season with some soil moisture at last.



One thought on “Bottled water

  1. Wasn’t it wonderful! I stood on the deck when the rain lessened, and listened to the tank overflow cascading down the front slope, much to my dismay – I think it could have been filled at least twice over. I’m feeling very jealous of all those milk containers full of water – I threw out about 3 three litre ones recently, ’cause I couldn’t find a good reason to keep them. The new ones will be staying here – just in case there is any more!

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