Full Bottle

At the start of this week I bottled 3 kgs of tomatoes. 1 kg of green toms was turned into Green Tomato Sauce, although ‘khaki’ would be a more accurate description. 2 kgs of my assorted ripe red and yellow toms became Tomato Chilli Pickles, one of my all time (well at least the last two seasons) recipes from Sally Wise. By coincidence, it turns out that Sally Wise was interviewed last week on the Bush Telegraph’s (ABC Radio National) ‘Food on Friday’ segment. I was all set to listen to it over my lunchtime yseterday but when it came to the crunch the battery in my MP3 player was flat! Anyway if you want to listen to Sally and the other callers you can find the program here.

One other useful tip I picked up while looking for interesting preserve recipes was that if you can’t process all of your tomatoes when they are ripe you can just freeze them. DUH! Of course they won’t be any good for slicing but making sauces, passata or chutneys after they’ve been de-frosted is not a problem and according to what I read the skins come off very easily once the fruit has been thawed. There is, however, always the question of finding space in the freezer!

Another busy weekend looms. It’s Canberra Show weekend and we will be off to inspect the produce and the animals, not to mention dropping by and saying hello to all the Canberra Spinners and Weavers who will be spinning away in the craft pavillion. On Sunday (28 Feb) the Old Bus Depot Markets will be holding their Food Producers Day, however although it’s been advertised as such there doesn’t seem to be anything on their website to indicate that this is an ‘event’ rather than just a re-branding of their ‘normal’ activities – we’ll see. I did at least find out that the Markets will be holding their “Portobello Road” day for collectables and bric-a-brac on Sunday 4 April.


3 thoughts on “Full Bottle

  1. I haven’t managed to see the advertising for the Food Producers Day at OBDM – I’ll have to look at the schedule. I wonder if holding the Portobello Road day on Easter Sunday is inspired or will have no-one there?

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