Our apple trees are currently too small to be producing fruit and I’m sure that our hot dry conditions have not helped in the least over the past year. However there is no shortage of apples available in and around Canberra.

TB has been making regular runs out to Pialligo on his day off and is bringing back all sorts of goodies for a variety of apple projects. A good listing of the Pialligo Orchards and their products can be found here.

Our favourite place to buy apples is Pialligo Apples, 10 Beltana Rd. You’d possibly be more familiar with it as the very rustic roadside shed with large shrubs growing all around it. There are always samples to try and as they grow over 60 apple varieties there’s plenty to taste and experiment with throughout the season. So far we have tried Boskoop, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Cleopatra, Royal Gala, Golden Delicious and Reine de Reinette.

So far TB has made two batches of cider. The first batch has been made out of ‘seconds’ of Royal Gala and the second batch which, is currently bubbling away, is predominantly ‘seconds’ of Golden Delicious.

TB has also been making lots of high-top apple and apple and blackberry pies which have been very well received by friends and family alike. Last night he made us a small galette of Reine de Reinette, topped with some raspberries from the garden and glazed with our home-made apricot jam. I’d love to be able to share the aroma with you but you’ll just have to do with the photo.

Speaking of apples there is a great annual event on next Saturday 27 March from 1.30 to 5.00pm, Apple Day at Loriendale Orchard 2 km north of the ACT border on the Barton Highway. We went last year for the first time and were overwhelmed by the variety of apples growing and available for tasting. Take some sturdy bags if you are going because you’ll need them to carry all those tasty apples home. Apple juice and other goodies are also available on the day.


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