Making with Marrows – Spaghetti Squash

Not content with domination of the garden the marrows are now moving in and taking over the kitchen. This is the first year we’ve grown spaghetti squash and it’s proved to be as easy to cook as it has been to grow.

A whole spaghetti squash will be able to feed six people easily so we generally work with a half a squash at a time. Cut your squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Place your squash in a microwave-safe plastic bag and give it about 5 minutes on high. You can test whether it is ready by poking the flesh (not the skin) with a fork. It should be easy to scrape the flesh out. If it’s still hard give it another minute and check again. Once its cooked you can basically serve it with whatever sauce you fancy. Any traditional spaghetti sauce will do.

For our first big meal we used a sauce made of roasted garden vegetables. Included in the mix were lots of over-ripe tomatoes, and a few green ones, eggplants, radish, onions, carrot, capsicum, mustard greens and lots of basil. These were roasted slowly for an hour and a bit with some olive oil and some salt and pepper. After roasting I used the food processor to blend them into a thick paste. What wasn’t used for the sauce was frozen for later. The roast veggie base was spiced up with about 1/3rd of a cup of tomato-chili chutney. Yummo.

One extra tip if you don’t have enough squash for your meal just add it to some cooked wheat spaghetti.

This post has been entered into Grow Your Own #40 for more details check out the notice over at Chez Annies.



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