Loriendale Apple Day

We decided to get out to Loriendale organic apple farm as early as possible to get a jump on the crowds that would turn up to celebrate this, their 20^th anniversary year. This was a good idea. We were able to get some chairs and sit ourselves in the shade of a Golden Ash that was just starting to turn its lovely golden colour.

It was disappointing that in their anniversary year the hot season and the cockatoos had resulted in a very small offering of apples compared to previous years. My guestimate was that they had a bout a third of the varieties I’d tried there in previous years. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the more familiar commercial varieties were dominating the offerings while the less common heritage varieties were fewer in number. I was particularly taken by Topaz variety, from the Czech Republic, and the Russian Svetava apple. I bought a bag of the Svetava’s which have the nice, slightly acidic finish that I enjoy in an apple. I also bought some figs. The apple offerings were supplemented by produce from other organic growers. We picked up several kilos of Dutch Cream potatoes from Ingelbara farm, as we have eaten our small crop already. The one thing that hadn’t diminished this year was the queue for the famous Loriendale Apple Pie.

Our companions stocked up on a range of Loriendale jams, pickles and chutneys. These were carried off in bags that had been decorated by students from the local primary school. As ever the day is helped along by the live music. This time we heard from the Forest National Chamber Orchestra and then by the Austrian International Choir.

After a cup of coffee and some lovely scones spread with Loriendale jam we collected our freshly squeezed apple juice and headed home.


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