Making with Marrows ??? Pumpkin

TB cut our first pumpkin of the year to make an entrée for our dinner on Friday night. He made a pumpkin soufflé flavoured with goat’s cheese. Being himself he just made up the soufflé recipe – as you do! For those of us more challenged by the mere thought of a soufflé you can either use any recipe you have already tried or follow this recipe which I have previously used to make Sformata di Spinachi. Instead of the spinach add 250gms of cooked pumpkin. Add some grated parmesan to your white sauce and cut up very small cubes of goats cheese (about half a centimetre) to the mix just before you fold in the egg whites. Cook at 200° for 15 minutes, and then check your soufflé as it may need some further cooking for it to set properly.

Our main course was ham and vegetable soup. TB had hot-smoked a ham hock in the Webber and used it to make the stock base for the soup. The rest was a selection of garden vegetables diced and cooked in the stock. A piece of TB’s latest sourdough bread completed the meal.



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