How does your garlic grow

When we were at Lambrigg the weekend before last TB bought some packs of garlic from the Gundaroo Tiller – Allsun Farms stall , the Late Pink and the Hard-Stemmed Red, which he planted later the same day. Well blow me down if the Hard-Stemmed Reds aren’t already leaping out of the ground!

We got an even greater surprise when we were doing the standard garden tour for our friend’s Mum on Monday when we saw that our saffron was already flowering! Three flowers already open. We made a very bad decision and didn’t pick them on the spot. When I went to pick them this morning another garden gourmet had eaten the pistils of all three flowers. At least they didn’t get the two flowers about to open because I got them first.

By the way if you are still after saffron bulbs I actually spotted them at Bunnings Tuggeranong on the weekend, three bulbs for $10. Just remember to check that you buy Crocus sativa, (and if you don’t let on that I’ve been to the evil giant of hardware I won’t tell anyone where you got your saffron from.)


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