The garden that is finished is dead ??? H E Bates

We hereby announce the commencement of the Voted With Our Forks Silver Jubilee Garden Renovation scheme, or the Glorious Motherland Agrarian Revolution as Performed by the Peasant Cadres of Canberra ??? choose whichever revolution you prefer, it???s that momentous.

Yes, after two years of growing ever more vegetables and making garden beds to accommodate them, at random throughout the yard, it finally dawned on us that it was time to get organised. (Well you don???t want to rush these things). Friday had been spent pleasantly pottering around the garden but by mid-Saturday morning we???d had somewhat of a revelation, (in which thankfully no strange horsemen were involved), we needed to redesign the back garden!

I think TB just about fell off his chair when I said I thought we needed a more regular structure to our garden beds which included a system of paths for easy access for both people and wheel barrows. In my defence I did point out that those of our current garden beds that were of a symmetrical nature did manage to look pretty wild by the end of the growing season so I wasn???t going to turn into some lover of garden beds displaying evenly-spaced alternating red and green lettuces (which is actually how Monty Don has one of his garden beds, quelle horrible surprise!) any time soon.

Thankfully we have both agreed on a starting point for this work. Work from the back forward! Yes there is a strange but compelling logic to all of this. Along our back fence-line are a number of young apple trees that TB will start to espalier this year. The current crops in the garden beds in front of the apples are just about to finish so once they are done we???ll move the beds forward to give the apples some more space and start re-developing that area. We???ll have some ???givens??? we???ll need to plan for beds for perennials, such as rhubarb, asparagus and sorrel and a place for a chook shed.

While some of the existing back garden plantings will remain, particularly the trees on the western boundary of the garden, some other plants will have to be moved. These include Dianellas (blue native lilies) and some native grasses which I???m planning on transplanting into the front garden which is an all native garden. Out in the front garden I???ll be integrating the wildflowers on the nature-strip back into the main part of the garden.

Obviously all of this will take time; in fact we can???t see that it will be finished before the end of the year. However that may be a quite fitting outcome as 2011 will make 25 years in residence at Chez Fork.


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