Tears before bedtime

Last weekend we took the step of picking all the tomatoes from the front garden on the assumption (incorrect as it turned out) that a frost was imminent. Not to worry we are scheduled for a frost later this week according to the weather report last night.

What we ended up with is 3kgs of green tomatoes and 3kgs of red tomatoes so it???s pickles and sauce to the rescue. Of course Sally Wise???s book A Year in a Bottle is as ever, by my side.

The pain was completely self-inflicted but what can you expect when you have to peel 1 kilogram of onions to make your Green Tomato Pickle. Cutting the onions and the tomatoes, salting and leaving them overnight to steep is the first step in the recipe. Having just popped out to the kitchen this morning for a quick look I can report that the onions have lost none of their pungency overnight!

On the plus side I was filling in time by making a start on the pickles while I was waiting for my crumpet batter to rise. My erstwhile guide on this venture was Rose Levy Beranbaum and I was following her instructions in The Bread Bible.

We had bought the flour while we were in Adelaide at the end of last year. I just had to buy crumpet flour when I saw it at the Adelaide markets, although I???ve been pretty slack about making any since then. Having now made the recipe I can see that I will be making them more often. Indeed I???d probably be better off making and freezing several batches as my crumpet flour is now officially past its use-by date ??? although it didn???t seem to hinder its performance last night.

Anyway it???s time for breakfast so I???ll be back later with the pickle update.



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