Consuming Passions #2

A far healthier occupation for us in recent weeks has been making compost, lots of it and as much as we can. If you???ve been visiting with the Forks for a while you might remember that I started to collect organic waste from my office kitchen earlier this year.?? I also decided, about a month after I started that it might be interesting to keep track of how much waste gets collected each week (yes that???s just the sort of an all-round fun girl I am!). For the three months that I have been keeping records I have collected over 84 kgs of food scraps!


As you can well imagine our compost bins fill up very quickly at that rate ??? which well and truly takes care of the ???wet??? compostables. The office also comes in very handy on the ???dry??? side as well. The shreddings from the paper shredder are the perfect ???dry??? balance for the kitchen scraps. I for one am pleased to see that all our hard work in the office now actually gets used for a truly productive purpose.

While our own garden only produces a small amount of autumn leaves, the nearby ovals and parks are a great source of them. TB now has us regularly heading over the road every weekend to gather large bags full of leaves. I???ll give you a tip. If you are collecting autumn leaves for your compost heap it???s a good idea to run them over with a lawn mower before you add them to your compost to help them break down more quickly.


We got a bonus this week as we shifted from our usual collecting spot and discovered that the groundsmen had been disposing of their grass clippings by spreading them out over the ground behind the club buildings. As there is clearly no intent in their being used for a compost heap we have been happy to assist them by adding the mown grass to our bags! Confidentially I can tell you that their clippings appear virtually weed free, unlike the lawn clippings produced at Chez Fork.


The big compost piles that we create will only just start to address our needs for the garden but far better that we make as much as rather than just keep buying it in.

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