Keep on growing

One of my favourite vegs, the Warrigal Greens (aka New Zealand Spinach) continues to defy the frosts and is just keeping on growing. Just to be on the safe side I thought I would pick the majority of the plant and blanch it so I’d have some for creamed spinach during winter.

I started off with a washing basket full of plant …


which when the leaves were plucked came down to a medium sized bowl


and ended up as 6 x 200gm packets of blanched leaves.

Over on the other side of town Variegated was picking one of her ever-growing pumpkins. She kindly delivered this golden fruit along with a great recipe for Pumpkin Brioche! This is definitely a recipe worth making – just be warned though the results will probably disapper a in a matter of minutes. I’m not sure of the origin of Variegated’s recipe but this one appears to be very close.


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