Frozen Assets

With temperatures consistently falling to below zero since the beginning of the month, there is not much incentive to go outside to harvest from the garden. Instead we’ve found that our frozen bounty from summer is keeping us in good stead, not to mention good cheer.

Last weekend TB had some ‘left over’ cheesecake mix after making a cheesecake for a work BBQ. He decided that what was left, enough for us and our friends to enjoy, would be decorated with some of those raspberries that I had stored in the freezer. At the time the raspberries were ripening our few small plants were not producing sufficient berries to allow you to do anything fresh with them. Likewise the strawberries. Now we have enough to make some memorable dishes.


The other late summer bounty of tomatoes was also frozen and these have featured heavily in recent stews, incluing the Osso Bucco I’m preparing for tonight. It was so simple to just cut the tomatoes into chunks and throw them into the freezer without any further preparation. Of course you can only the use them in stews or dishes where you don’t need whole tomatoes, but I haven’t really found that to be a limitation. Just throw them in in their frozen state and let the slow cooking do the rest.


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