Weeding – getting down and dirty

It’s been fairly quiet on the garden front in recent weeks, partly due to having distractions such as visitors and mostly because the cold temps and the reasonably frequent rain lately has made gardening a less than pleasant prospect. Anyhow the day has been sunny and weeding the onion bed beckoned.

This was a task that needed to be done. While it was hard to sometimes distinguish between the onions and the winter grass sprouting through them at least it was easy enough to replant the onions when I dug one up by mistake! Checking back on my notes I see that the onions were planted almost exactly two months ago. The Cream Golds currently have the sturdiest stems while the Rosa Longi di Firenze are still having a bit of a grow slow. If not much is happening above ground then at least down below there is some action. While digging out the grass, which invariably is growing right next to your onion plant, I discovered that the root systems did seen to be growing quite actively and spreading out quite a way from the slender stems. I hope this is a sign of good things to come.

As you can see from the photo there isn’t much to see after all my hard work.


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