Potato Post

Well two milestones to mention this week …

Our dam levels are now past 60% WOO, HOO! If this doesn’t move you then you haven’t been on water restrictions for the past 10 years! According to one of our more weather-minded friends the dams haven’t been this high since 2006. The ACT government is discussing easing back on water restrictions, but I hope they don’t go too crazy as I think it has been a not bad thing that local residents have actually had to think seriously about our water supply rather than go on with business as usual.

On a more personal note the blog has passed its 5,000 site visit! So thank you very much to all my regular readers and hello to the visitors who’ve been dropping by in recent times.

Back to the important stuff. We’ve finally got organised and ordered our seedling potatoes for this year. We left it somewhat late so we’ve missed out on the Dutch Creams. However that does leave the way open to try some other varieties. Per usual we’ve gone with The Lost Seed for our supplies. We’ve selected Bismarck, Pink Eyes and Red Norlands. I think we’ve grown a few Pink Eyes before but the other two are new to me. I also snuck in an order for Purple Podded Peas which are supposed to be both an eating variety and one that can be keept as died peas for winter use. Somehow we’ve never managed to keep our peas beyond the fresh eating stage!

TB is lining up to start his tomato seeds on the heater mat, which we did at this time last year, to get some seedlings off to a good start for the Christmas tomato race. I see that in the ‘new in August’ section of their catalogue that The Lost Seed are offering some 10 varieties of tomato … maybe I need to put in another order. I’ll definitely be growing the seed from my ‘front garden’ tomatoes again this year. I’m not sure whether they are a Roma or an Amish paste or a cross of both but boy did they produce well, particularly at the end of the season for us last year.

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