Almost Spring

Well there is no doubting that we have had some fantastic weather this weekend – enough to remind us that spring is just a few days away. However all of you who went out and bought tomatoes starter packs on the weekend, yes you were spotted at the nursery, don’t lose sight of the fact that on Wednesday and Thursday last week the temperature didn’t make it to 10 degrees and on Friday it was snowing – at least at the level of the 6th floor of our building in Civic.

The frost on Saturday morning at least heralded a beautiful day and the snow on the Brindabellas reminded me of one of the reasons I chose to move to the Southside of Canberra.


This is the view from Sulwood Drive on Saturday morning …


The view from Chez Fork is a bit limited by trees.

I was finally able to get out into the garden and start some of those jobs I’ve been putting off – like weeding! Oh joy. Having weeded the broadbean bed and the adjacent path, I was able to put down some woodchip on the paths, courtesy of 4 trees that were felled and chipped at a nearby house. More weeding and spreading remains to be done but at least some progress can be seen.

My parsnips in pipes have been thriving, so much so that they were starting to reach their limit of growth in their containers, as you can see.


TB had the brilliant idea of just putting them back into the ground, pipes and all. Perfect. Now I’m just hoping that the cat doesn’t decide they are the just the thing to rub up against.


You can see the main broad bean bed (with the red poles) and the newly mulched path. To the left of the photo there is a group of broad beans planted earlier in the season which are now starting to flower prolifically, although seed set will be haphazard while we are still likely to have frosts. In September 2009 there were four frosts (but winter last year was rather milder than this winter) and the last frost of the year was in October.

One final thought, while we may hope for the introduction of the National Broadband network sooner rather than later, there is still use to be found in those old copper networks. I give you the National Broad Bean Support Network, proudly supported by my old telephone extension cord!




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