A Fork at Floriade

I will say from the start that Floriade is really not my thing. I’m sorry but each year we see a variation on lots of brightly clashing coloured tulips and other bulbs laid out in fairly uninteresting displays. Its just not garden design as far as my definition goes. Of course tens of thousands of visitors disagree with me! which at least benefits the local economy.

Last week Bishlet and I took a quick turn around this years’ effort during our lunch break. Away from the mass displays a few random efforts at a native garden, an Alice in Wonderland and even a kitchen garden made a fitful attempt to enliven proceedings.

By way of apology my somewhat bizarre photographic effects have been achieved by the use of a phone camera.

So sit back and enjoy one of Felix M’s most well-known tunes – although I swear I didn’t realise it was called Spring Song before I selected it to enhance this blog experience.

 Here we go with the general view ….


One plus to the stroll was the scent of hyacinths wafting over the garden beds.

What should have been a small gem by the National Botanic Gardens is left marooned in the middle of a grassy expanse. Forget this and go and visit the NB Garden’s Black Mountain site instead.


The kitchen garden benefits by a structure of regular beds and formal plantings of kales and other herbs.


The Lake George zebras are making a visit to Canberra.


One bright spot is the ‘Amazing’ garden with its topiary animals.


Even I love the outlandish Parrot Tulips – the pick of the bunch as far as I’m concerned – I presume they are too expensive to use more widely.


By far and away the best feature of this year’s display isn’t even floral, it’s the umbrella walkway through the rhododendrons.


These are lit up for the night time activities. Sorry you’ll just have to imagine this.


They also have another function, providing some overhead protection from the fruit bat camp which is still being occupied by its furry flying occupants (check out the upper right hand side of the trees).


Some random flower stacks …


And some walking entertainment.


A great sand castle, but what is it doing here?


So push those crowds aside and enter at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

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