An Audience with Cooking Royalty

Last Sunday we, not to mention another hundred or so other people went to an event at the National Museum of Australia on collecting cooking books. The guest of honour was none other than Margaret Fulton OBE who was interviewed by food historian Adele Wessell. I was so excited about going that I forgot to take my camera, luckily for us R remembered to bring his camera and the photos you see here were taken by him.


 Margaret shared some interesting annecdotes, including learning early to let her hosts know that she only flew first class!  In discussing her original 1968 Margaret Fulton Cookbook she noted noted that at the time Australian women were bored with cooking meat and three vegs and they were prepared to take on eating a range of cuisines – a trait she felt was still not strong in many countries. The reason you see the same bowl with plum decoration several times in this book was that it was her bowl,


as was the ‘exotic’ silver server (her mother’s silver fruit bowl) used to show off Persian Chicken. 

Margaret made the food, supervised the photography and provided all the servings dishes etc. There were no food stylists in those days.

Margaret continues to be involved in current food issues including advocating strongly against factory-farmed chickens and pigs and genetically modified organisms.

After looking at a small selection of cooking books in depth, the afternoon was finished with a question and answer session and an autograph signing. And yes, I did get my 1968 edition Margaret Fulton cook book signed!

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