Sitting Around

The drive up to Newcastle and back over the weekend certainly seems to have taken it out of me. I managed a small sortie out this morning to see that my edamame (Japanese soybeans) are ticking along quite well. But I can’t say the same for my Tongue of Fire beans – they keep getting eaten and not by me! Even plants that are well over 15cms in height are still being chewed by oportunistic snails and slugs – I console myself that should I ever get to eat some that they at least must taste good.

My strawberries are going very well this year. I picked a big handful this morning, having picked an equal number three days ago. Which reminded me that I still had bags of frozen fruit from last summer. I’ve taken care of that and now have several jars of strawberry jam.


Thankfully it is one of the quickest jams to cook – per usual a Sally Wise recipe – so I managed it before my enthusiasm for work ran out – which it did once I saw the state of the back garden!


Oh my god! The grass is long, the sorrel (in the front needs hacking back), the purple sprouting brocoli (yellow flowers) along with the curly kale needs ripping out while the broad beans and the snow peas are collapsing under the weight of growth (and not much else where the snow peas are concerned!). Not to mention the tomatoes that need planting, which Friend M has kindly given us as there has been virtually no progress with our own. Now why didn’t I buy those tomato plants which were already fruiting that I saw at the Newcastle City Farmers Markets yesterday?

Anyway I’m now feeling so much better because I’ve decided it can all wait for another day.

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