Turn the Page

4 weeks to Christmas! I do wish that shop near my office would stop reminding me.

Anyway if you are stuck for ideas for presents or are looking for a good read over Christmas then you might want to have a quick squizz at my new Book Reviews page, conveniently located in the menu bar at the top of the blog.

So far I’m trying to find and link all the books I’ve reviewed to date on the blog. I know there are still a few to go so it will be a work in progress.

As for the Forks we have dropped the big hint to the guy in the red suit for Annabel Langbein’s The Freerange Cook and Italian Food Safari by Maeve O’Meara with Guy Grossi. If Santa’s elves get their act together I hope to be able do a review for you post-Christmas.

While speaking of things TV related I’m thrilled to see that when everything else is shutting down for the season SBS is cranking up the good shows to go over the break. Season two of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam will hit the airwaves on December 2 at 7.30 pm, followed by a repeat of The Gourmet Farmer at 8.00pm. Yes there will be a new series of Gourmet Farmer but the timing is not clear – check out the blog post for more information.

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