Water, water everywhere

I was all set to play ‘Summer is icumen in’ but I suspect that given our current weather forecast Handel’s Water music would be more appropriate. However just because I like it I found Helen Shapiro for you instead!

Yes it’s official this has been our wettest spring since 1983 when Bob Hawke’s elevation to the Australian Prime Ministership miraculously broke the severe drought of the early 1980’s (well at least some are convinced of it – there wasn’t much the old ‘Silver Bodgie’ couldn’t do in those days).

Yesterday I took the opportunity, during a somewhat less than torrential period, to go out and plant the tomato seedlings and basil, praying that they might survive the nightly slimy onslaught. So far so good. If nothing else the rain shows up the colours on our street trees beautifully. This is Eucalyptus mannifera plated on our nature strip.



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