O Christmas Tree

Christmas time in Australia can be very confusing with a head-on collision between living in the Southern hemisphere and the images of snowy winter weather that dominate our Christmas cards, not to mention our TV screens at this time of the year. Thinking then, about what the perfect Christmas tree is can tie you in knots.

Most of us just give up and buy a plastic pine tree from the shops, or perhaps even a real pine tree from the Scouts. What about this option …


This is a lovely specimen of Grevillea robusta, one of several plants in this genus that grown up to be magnificent trees rather than just straggly shrubs. At this time of year they are covered in the most beautiful golden flowers. I have a great fondness for these trees as my grandparents had an even larger specimen in their garden in Sydney.


It may be too big to get into your house (this one would be over 6 metres high) but what a way to celebrate the season.


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