A passion for purple

The story so far …

Late last year (2009) I discovered my first purple passion, the beautiful eggplant Prosperosa at the Allsun Farm open day. First I was seduced by its flowers  and then by its wonderful fruit.

During the 2009-10 summer Elspeth Thomson encouraged this interest with her tales of her purple garden plants and the almost mystically regarded (well by the English at least) purple sprouting broccoli. As Hugh FW is also a devotee of this veg it was only a matter of time before I too succumbed. The plant well and truly delivered this spring.

This year has also been the year of the Purple Podded [climbing] Pea. Please be careful as there are both English and Dutch purple/blue pea varieties to be found on the Lost Seed catalogue. I choose the English variety Purple Podded (although to confuse matters I had actually intended to select the similar Dutch variety called Blue Podded Capucyer).


To start off with the flowers were a combination of pale mauve and dark purple followed by purple pods. Inside you find a fat pod of bright green peas. This is a proper cooking pea and definitely not one that can be eaten like a snow pea.

 You can see why I love this colour combination.


I also collected some of our first Red Norland potatoes ‘bandicooted’ out from the end of the potato bed and some sorrel (springing back after its’ recent haircut) to make a basic pea soup.


So yet another ‘green soup’ but a pleasant and simple meal at the time of the year when rich food is the order of the day.


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