Losing it

Decortication – I love that word particularly when it relates my gum tree shedding its bark. At this time of year the gums do their big shed of leaves and bark, another one of those local seasonal markers I’m interested in. I had barely started raking up under the two Eucalyptus mannifera on our nature strip when a passing junk mail deliverer felt the need to express the opionion that gum trees are so messy! It wasn’t too much longer before a neighbour came over to share the same view (as well as wishing us a Happy New Year).

Why is it that cleaning up after a gum tree is seen as inherently more difficult/time consuming than raking up after an oak tree? I’ve done both and really can’t see any difference unless it is not slipping on the acorns.

So the magpie, who enjoyed having someone else turning over the leaf litter for him to find some grubs and I will just get on with the job.



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