Sulking Solanaceae

I find it hard to believe that after all this time I have two, yes two only, green tomatoes on my plants. Like many other people have found this year the relatively cool and wet weather has put a decided dampener of the tomato crop. And my eggplants aren’t doing much better.

Of course our limited success is due to the fact that we have been trying to grow our tomatoes and eggplants from seed. So far I think we’ve sewn each crop three times. My success rate? one tomato plant about 25 cm high. The rest have never made it much past the two leaf stage. More pragmatic friends just went out and bought their plants. We were finally saved by M who gave us a supply of her self-sewn seedlings.

As for the eggplants we did end up having to buy seedlings to supplement the few heirlooms I managed to get into the garden bed and growing. All appeared to be going well until earlier this week when I discovered that all my remaining heirloom seedlings had been gobbed by snails and slugs AGAIN!!!! Alright I’m taking long, slow, deep breaths.

The one bright spot on the Solanum scene are our potatoes. We haven’t done a full harvest yet, just the odd tuber bandicooted from the end of the row but the results are promising. So far we’ve picked Red Norlands and Dutch Creams. We have yet to dig for King Edwards, Bismarcks and Pink Eyes (“you know they have marvellous topical creams for that these days”). Once we have cleared these away we will be putting the ground aside as the location for our new chook shed! Now that’s something to look forward to.

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