Better Days

In contrast to my sulking solanums some other crops are revelling in the high rainfall conditions. My strawberries are gi-normous, particularly the Red Gauntlet variety. If I can beat the snails to them just a few fruits are large enough to fill one hand.


Thrusting ever skywards are our Golden Bantam Corn. In the picture you can see TB holding a piece of wood that is three metres long. When the photo was taken earlier this week the corn was already higher than the post and they have put on even more growth since.


The critical focus of the corn crop at present is their pollination. The male flowers are on the top and the female proto-cobs with their silky tassels are in the armpits of the plants below. We did an inadvertant pollination experiment with our corn last year. The corn was planted in several clumps around the garden. Out the front I left nature, via the wind, to deal with pollination. In the back garden TB literally took a hands on approach and shook the plants violently to send the pollen down onto the corn silk.

Much as it grinds me to admit it the backyard corn had a much better pollination rate. The cobs filled out evenly whereas the ones in the front garden were a very mixed bag. Some were full and others only had the odd full kernel on the surface of the cob. So if you see someone violently shaking their corn stalks don’t call the plant protection authorities, its all for the good of the plant.

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