Wild Targets #1

Its the middle of summer – well, so the calendar tells us – and we are off to the forests to collect blackberries, and boy is it a great season for blackberries! The high rainfall this year has resulted in large berries with no discernable drop off in flavour.


With friends M & R in tow we headed out to our favourite spot and it appears that we were the first people to pick through the area. Any of the forestry roads along the Cotter Road is a good place to look for blackberry bushes.


Here is our haul for the afternoon (about 2 hours of picking) – 7 kilos of fruit!


Don’t worry there are plenty of berries left and the season should run for at least another month.

Of course having picked your fruit you have to store it, or eat it. If you aren’t planning to use it straight away I would suggest that you freeze the fruit. The easiest way to do this is to spread the berries out on a tray covered with baking paper.


Once frozen they can be transferred into a bag for longer term storage.


While reorganising the freezer we found the remains of last year’s berries, so we celebrated by making smoothies.


To make your own smoothy mix for two blend 150 gms of blackberries, 300mls of plain yoghurt and 200mls of milk and two dessert spoons of sugar. If you want to make more just double the quantities. Enjoy!



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