It’s Thursday morning and at 6.30 am I’m out digging up a raft of potatoes for my produce entry at the Canberra Show. Insane I know, but with friends over the night before I didn’t get a chance to do this in advance. I had three potato entries so that was a lot of spuds to be dug. Presentation also requires the potatoes are brushed – not washed – to avoid damage to the skin. So there I was nail brush in hand, brushing, brushing, brushing.


Then the green tomatoes and the zucchinis. Bugger one of my tomatoes has been chewed by a vindictive snail so a big hunt around for another set of 3 to enter (most produce entries are done in multiples). Off with the stems. The zepellins are easy to get off the bush the struggle is to carry them inside. Unfortunately some scratches on their skins will detract from my chances.

All bagged up and ready to go, only two and a half hours later!


It was a busy time once I got to the Fitzroy Pavillion, all the more so because my entry form got lost in the mail. Thankfully the stewards were very relaxed and I only had to fill the form out again. Other stewards were on hand to show us newbies how to set up. Done and dusted with 10 minutes before closing time. Phew!

Its Friday night and TB and I are approaching the produce display. TB will tell you I am a tad competitive (well a lot really) so it was with a sinking heart that I looked at my entries, none of which were bearing that small coloured card. Where is that collection of potatoes, 3 distinct kinds?




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