Early Autumn

It is a fine irony that on the very last day of summer I spotted my first tomato ripening on the bushes. Today when I checked there were plenty of fruit finally starting to show some colour. As these plants came from self-sewn stock over in M’s garden we weren’t quite sure what we were getting. Quite a few varieties as it turns out. Roma’s and what appears to be at least two ‘beefsteak’ type toms and a yellow one as well.


I’m also pleased to report that the bit of care and attention given to the raspberries a few weeks ago is also paying off. Not only are the plants making some strong new growth for next years fruit but we are also looking like getting an autumn crop of this years canes.


(I will just note that as it is quite overcast this morning the camera is setting the flash so it looks like I’m taking these photos in the middle of the night – not true, not even for me).

I know I’ve gone rather quiet lately on the progress of my ha-ogen melons, but progressing they are. I have one which has even started to ripen …


but the slugs have already started in on it!


Despite my disappointment I did notice that the slugs were getting stuck into the base a few days before the melon started to turn yellow. So I’ll be keeping a closer eye on these two babies which hopefully will come under less immediate threat.


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