Ha-ogen Hanging On

It’s a race against time, my ha-ogen melon bush is succumbing to mould, which is hardly surprising given how continuously wet its been this summer.


I’m still hoping to harvest two more melons which are hanging precariously from the upper stem. They may be out of the way of the slugs and snails but are in danger of falling off the weakened vine. I’ve stepped in with a trick I’ve seen on my DVD of the Victorian Kitchen Garden (era not state). Unfortunately I have no bespoke melon nets and I can only find one onion bag, so the other melon is held up with a piece of old T-shirt. Not a pretty sight but hopefully they will make it.


I have managed to harvest a second melon which only had a relatively small crater eaten out of the top of it! (I’ve taken the photo from a more flattering angle). Another one was found rotted and completely chewed on the ground.


The taste is lovely and sweet, more delicate than your average green melon. It also seems that these melons are unlikely to be good keepers, so it really is a limited season product.


Anyway as TB noted we have now collected plenty of seed from the melons, rotten or not, so we will be able to plant many more later this year.


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