Wild Targets #2

Friend M, who is a cunning forager in her own right, managed to find another source of ‘wild’ food on the same weekend as we went blackberrying. Well perhaps the apple tree at the nursing home where her Mum lives isn’t a ‘wild’ so much as an ‘unruly’ food.

Having finangled her Mum into helping her pick the fruit another resident wandered up and volunteered to help as she was bored and happy to lend a hand. Go those ‘old’ ladies – boy did they pick heaps of apples. We were delivered about half the batch.


An apple and blackberry pie was a start but we soon moved on to more pressing matters.

Mellow Yellow

I was cruising past the Lost Seed website the other day and noticed they are advertising saffron and garlic bulbs are available,  my advice – get in quick!

Saffron really seems to like our Canberra climate. Even though we generally only produce enough saffron each for one dish each year we still loving growing this plant – following the advice of growing that which is otherwise expensive to buy.

As part of the preparation for the arrival of poultry sometime in the hoped-for future we uprooted our ‘permanent vegetable bed and as a result had to find homes for our asparaus, rhubarb and saffron. We were very pleasantly surprised to see that our original 4 bubs had multiplied into 42. We will be planting them ASAP.


You may also be able to find some locally – we were stunned to see saffron bulbs in Bunnings last year. But of course their plant delivery can be somewhat random. Recently spotted were peanut plants and lemongrass which, if they had arrived at the start of summer they may have stood a chance of being productive. At this time of the year I don’t like their chances (think Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry), “Are you feeling lucky today punk peanut?”