Preservation Order

At present we are focussed on harvesting our summer crops and preserving our food for future use. We’ve harvested apples, and more apples, and more apples so not surprisingly we have been drying


and bottling




and pulping, in this case quinces and pears for marmalade


so we’ll have plenty of fruit to eat in the coming months.

I’m still working my way through Rachel Saunders’ Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, so there are several marmalades to add to the proceedings. The unmarked jar is Quince, Pear and Lemon Marmalade, the labelled jar to the left of it is Peach and Lemon Marmalade and the jars with the not inspiringly greeny brown coloured contents are the 6 kilos of spicy apple butter I made last week.


And its not only fruit. Autumn is the time when traditionally you’d kill a pig for eating over winter. While, much to TB’s regret we do not grow our own pigs to kill, we did get some pork belly from our favourite pig producers Ingelbrae, who are at the Northside Farmer’s market. TB has salted/cured the pork belly


and after this it will be smoked in the Webber for several hours thereby being transformed into luscious bacon. If that is not enough he has also made some confit duck. Things are looking good for the coming season at Chez Fork!


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