Grand designs in the garden

Autumn always seems to herald the start of construction at Chez Fork. Last year was the Autumn of the polyhouse and this year its the turn of the long awaited chook pen & coop construction.


TB is chief designer, builder and project manager, a combination that would have Kevin McLeod expressing deep concern at the folly of such an approach. Of course I’m been in charge of decorating, which basically means the timber treatment, stained, not painted (well the chook pen at least). Athough I have been told that a finial for the ridge-post would be a good idea.


I chose the dark stain after I started to stain the timber with a product whose colour was rather imaginatively called ‘Natural’. I say imaginatively because its orange glow would put a well known orange-flavoured drink to shame.

The frame is now roughly in place, although it is yet to be permanently fixed to the concrete edges, and as TB has fixed the ridge-pole to the rest of the frame we have followed tradition and held a topping out ceremony. In our case the branch fastened to the highest point of our timber structure is a branch from our snow-gum (Eucalyptus gregsonianna).


So here we are ready to fix the roof beams in place and then start fixing the frame onto the concrete. I’m not sure how far we will get over Easter but fingers crossed for some progress.





One thought on “Grand designs in the garden

  1. Wow – thats a serious chook pen! We’re planning to get chooks as well, but I was just going to fence off the two ends between the garage and the fence. May have to rethink with my Kevin McLeod hat on now. Will be very interested to see the VWOF chook’s progress.

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