Moving right along!

With autumn moving swiftly to a close there is no time to be worrying about what has gone because what is happening now needs our attention. The winter crops we’ve been planting over the past few weeks are starting to make their appearance – purple-podded peas and broad beans are breaking through and the garlic that TB planted only last week has already leapt out of the ground.


We are still seeing plenty of cabbage white butterflies and I’ve even sprung them laying eggs on our new seedlings. So be vigilant because even those 2 & 3 mm caterpillars can demolish your young plants. Keep on squishing your butterfly eggs and young caterpillars now and your brassicas will come through with new undamaged leaves over the next few weeks, as the butterflies are be killed by the frosts.

Over the past week we have started the arduous, but ultimately rewarding task of preparing this years crop of persimmons for drying. If you want to understand why you can check out our efforts last year on this front. We were far too successful in converting our friends, not to mention the owner of the tree, to the joys of dried persimmons so that we are processing a much larger amount of fruit this year.


We’ve been working of our threading technique and have settled on using a needle to sew the thread through the stems to make hanging strings.


Next will come the peeling and drying!


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