Eat your shallots and grow them too

Its the time of year when you can be planting members of the onion family. We currently have Welsh bunching onions and and brown onions and red Italian onions Longa di Firenze on the go. TB has also planted some shallots, the ones like small onions with papery brown skins, also called French Shallots or eschallots (don’t confuse these with the thin green leek-like plants). While you can get the offsets from seed suppliers you can also grow them from the bulbs at the supermarket. Yep those little dry shallot bulbs will actually shoot if you plant them out now. TB planted these 3 weeks ago.


I’m also pleased to see that the broad bean and purple-podded pea seeds are going well. TB has also planted snow peas which are also off and running.


I planted some more purple-podded pea seeds last weekend to give me a sucession of plants. I love these peas for eating and their two tone purple flowers and purple pods make them a showy plant for the garden. I never seem to have enough of them to eat. I will plant some more in the next few weeks to keep the harvest extending over the longest possible time.

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