Slow movement

At the moment everything appears to be at a halt in the garden. Most of our plants are coping well with the extended number of heavy frosts we are having this year. I know that while there doesn’t appear to be much activity above ground our plants are establishing themselves now for a quick take off in spring. Here are two plants you can get in the ground now to get a good result come spring

My broad beans were planted in late April and as you can see they are growing away quite happily. You can still plant broad bean seedlings now and while they will not produce pods as quickly as those planted earlier you can expect a good crop in a few month’s time.


Hard to believe that in a few months time they should be over a metre tall!

Another good crop to plant now is garlic. Just buy a healthy head of garlic, preferably from the Farmers Market, split the cloves up and stick them straight into the ground. TB stuck a few scabby old cloves in one of the beds a few weeks ago. He didn’t even bother to split them up and as you can see they have come up quite well already.


As the garlic bulbs grow and put out a few more leaves you can do some gentle harvesting (of the leaves that is) and add them into some scrambled eggs for a mild garlicky flavour.


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