A warming of crock pots

The sight of six crockpots/slow cookers in our work kitchen yesterday has convinced me that slow cooking is really making a comeback.


We were having a fundraising soup lunch for our social club and everyone was lining up for some home-made deliciousness. There were plenty of old favourites on offer including minestrone, pea and ham, pumpkin (with a pinch of cloves), vegetable, chicken and sweet corn along with a very welcome a newcomer Indian Spiced Red Lentil soup. The recipe for this last soup can be found here. defintely a soup for our very frosty days!
The nicest thing was that someone actually bought along a still functioning “crock pot”.


BTW what is the collective noun for a group of slow cookers? Here are some that we came up with:

a stew of slow cookers
a casserole of slow cookers
a warming of crockpots
a social club of crock pots
a bing lee of crock pots
a sloth of slow cookers
a consomme/chowder of comestibles
a winter warming wonder
a soup squad
a squadron of slow crocks
a pod of pots
a crock of podders/plodders/potters
slow crocks united
a swarm of slow cookers



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