A warm breeze

This week’s sudden burst of warm weather has certainly sent everyone into a tis – and at Chez Fork we have been enjoying the pleasant weather in the garden. Even though we know that the cold weather will return we haven’t been able to stem that first sniff of spring rush of blood to the head.

We’ve been really feeling the lack of salad greens lately as some of the seedlings we planted in autumn have just sat there without putting on enough leaves for us to pick.TB has set up a tray of seeds on the heaterpad. Not suprisingly within 2-3 days most of the seeds had germinated.


 First out of the pots were the wrinkled cress (see picture below) and cos lettuce, closely followed by the chicory and buttercrunch lettuce.


The Siberian tomatoes have also sprouted, but if my memory serves me correctly we did the same last year and the plants stalled as seedlings at about 3cms high.

Speaking of tomatoes one of my siblings, who lives in slightly friendlier climes in the Hunter Valley, tells me that they have just picked the last tomatoes from their bushes. I’m pleased to say that the bushes were grown from seed that came from my favourite “Front Yard Tomato” last year.

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