Spring is here, spring is here!

Well technically spring arrives this coming Thursday, but I think that, given the amazing displays of blossom driven by the warm weather of the past week, we can safely say that spring is defininitely a happening thing.

Already the garden is picking up. Our plants are not only starting to visibly increase in size, but their colour is absolutely glowing. Our snow peas are a case in point.


The polyhouse is powering on now that we have moved it. Indeed we keep having to leave the door open during the day as the temperature can easily get up to the mid 30’s. Here are our seedlings and styrofaom tubs of potatoes, in the foreground and baby bok choy at the far end.


Even though we have a large garden area I think that gardening in styrofoam boxes are a very useful adjunct to any veggie growing concern. Our potatoes are a case in point. These ones were planted several weeks ago and now they are already up and growing. We expect to harvest these in November, at least a month and a half before anything will come out of our ground potato plot. While we will not get a massive crop we did pick several kilos when we cleared out three boxes potatoes earlier in the year. Enough for several feeds for us.


The bok choy is currently sitting outside in the sun. As you can see one box will readily grow four healthy plants.


If you get some deep stryofoam boxes you can fill them with some decent potting mix and use them to grow herbs, lettuces, or even some of those potatoes reaching out from the bottom of your cupboard.

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