Waking up the trees

Well its not often that firing a black powder gun is a requirement for gardening but there are always new things to explore.

But before long we all had to gather our our musical instruments and pots and pans and make our way down to the old apple tree where the ceremony was to take place. Bread soaked in cider was placed onto the tree branches, while lots of noise was made to scare away evil spirits. While I’m not sure that the Anglo-Saxons used the vuvuzela in their original wassailing ceremony it certainly added to the sound effects. On a gentler note the tree was also tickled awake with a bunch of feathers.


The assembled crowd recited the toast to the old apple tree “Here’s to thee old apple tree, that blooms well, bears well. Hats full, caps, full, three bushel bags full. An’ all under one tree, Hip, Hip Hooray!” After which the gun was fired.

We had a great time at Reidsdale and I see from the website that there are many other activities scheduled over the coming months. We certainly plan to visit again and hopefully take advantage of their cider pressing service when we go apple scrumping next year.

Back at Chez Fork I think its more than the apple trees that we need to wake up – now where’s that gun when you need it?



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