My own private flower show

I’ve been as sick as a dog over the past two weeks so there have been no visits to Floraide as yet.

What I have been enjoying are the bulbs I’ve been growing in my own garden. Indeed staggering outside for a few minutes a day is about all I’ve managed recently.

I’m very excited to see that my tulips are flowering. Strange how I like them in small dollops – when the massed displays only bring out curmudeonly grumbling from me.


I’ve been waiting for months to see how my muscari would look in the blue bonsai bowl I picked up from the tip shop. Pretty good I think, with better to come.


And last a massed display of ixias. These were growing naturalised under my Japanese maple, but have now been transplanted as the veggies have encroached ever further into the rest of the yard.


I realised in assembling these photos that there is another unifying theme here. The plants are all displayed in pots we made at our ceramics class. Not great art, but certainly something unique to our garden!


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